Bubbles Part 1 – Introduction to Fizz


From 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm

At North Loop Wine & Spirits

218 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401

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It's that time of year! With any luck, we'll celebrate this holiday season like no other as we once again huddle our families and friends close and lean whole-heartedly into the festivities and events which make this time of year so special! Let's pop some corks! We at 6oz Pour have a 2 class series to offer in the spirit of the season - BUBBLES 1 and 2! In BUBBLES 1 - Introduction to Fizz, we'll look at a wide variety of sparkling wine from around the world and discuss the science, creation, history, and producers behind the corks. This class will provide a great foundation for understanding this segment of the market as well as prime you for BUBBLES Part 2 - Champagne! These tastings can be purchased separately or as a pack which includes a hefty discount (Pinot Club Members will receive an additional discount of 10%.)