Bubbles Parts 1 & 2 – Package Pricing


Package Pricing for The Entire Bubbles Series, Nov 10, Part 1 & Nov 17 Part 2

From 6:29 pm until 8:30 pm

At North Loop Wine & Spirits

218 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401

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It's that time of year! With any luck, we'll celebrate this holiday season like no other as we once again huddle our families and friends close and lean whole-heartedly into the festivities! In the spirit of the season and in celebration of all we hold dear, we at 6oz Pour have a 2 class series on sparkling wine to offer: BUBBLES Part 1 - An Introduction to FIZZ In this introductory class, we’ll look at a wide variety of sparkling wine from around the world and discuss the science, creation, history, and producers behind the corks. From Pet Nats to Sekts and Cremants to Lambruscos, this class will provide a great foundation for understanding this enormous segment of the wine market as well as prime you for BUBBLES Part 2 - Champagne! BUBBLES 2 - Champagne! Is Champagne the world’s most famous wine region? Why, what makes it so legendary? How has it evolved over time? How do you gauge the quality of one Champagne next to another? Did they really dump tons of garbage from Paris and Reims in the vineyards the 1970’s 80's, & 90's? What happened there during WW2? So many questions! Anticipate answers to all of these questions and more as we work our way through the intricacies and history of this fabled region. This will be an absolutely epic event with an absolutely epic lineup. Let’s pop some corks! This is the Package Pricing for The Entire Bubbles Series, Part 1 on November 10 and Part 2 on November 17 both dates starting at 6:30pm.