Pinot Noir Club – An Introduction To Pinot Noir


From 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm

At North Loop Wine & Spirits

218 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Pinot Noir Club - Few varietals can capture the imagination like Pinot Noir. This club is dedicated to this amazing grape, its aficionados, and to all the producers and regions that work with it. This is our Intro to Pinot Noir Class. Here we'll focus on Pinot Noir and its offspring as we highlight all of the central themes that make this grape and the wine produced from it so unique. This class is great option for anyone looking to take their tippling to the next level. What makes this a club? Once you attend one Pinot Noir Club event, we will flag you as a club member and give you advance priority ticketing and discounts to future Pinot Noir Club classes and events. Expect dinners, winemaker events and local promotions at various venues throughout the Twin Cities!