Picnic Wines – Happy Memorial Day 5.24.18

What is the best possible wine pairing for a hammock? What about one for the grill? Which wine will grace the picnic table and be able to please both Auntie Mabel as well as your cousin’s new partner who seems to start every sentence with “when I was living in New York…” Read on to find the best recommendations for this holiday weekend.


Chateau du Moulin-A-Vent 2012 – $44.99

Beaujolais, so deeply misunderstood, so dynamic and versatile. It can be everything from a wine that smells like bananas and bubble gum to a fruity-patootie easy-drinking red wine, the perfect candidate for the fourth or fifth bottle of the evening with friends. But there is the other side of Beaujolais, one of the deeply nuanced flavors and intriguing character yet still light enough to go with a fun, bicycle rides, and whit. This dark fruited, spice-tinged, age-worthy Cuvee is the perfect candidate for a romantic picnic with a lover and sunshine. 


Matteo Correggia Anthos Dry Brachetto 2016 – $19.99

This dry Brachetto is such an incredibly fun wine. It’s floral and sweet on the nose with an herbaceousness that makes me think of Barolo Chinato or vermouth but it’s surprisingly dry on the palette. This is what I would want in my glass while playing bocce or lawn bowling. This wine also has enough attention-grabbing depth to pair really well with other people’s obnoxious children or boring and socially awkward in-laws. 


Grey Stack Rosemary’s Block Sauvignon Blanc 2014 – $36.99

This is a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc. unapologetic with ripe tropical fruit notes and full body. Both unfined and unfiltered, this Sauvignon Blanc is packed with flavor and complexity. I’d bet this would go well with that elaborate hat you wore on Derby day – another go-around?  


Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc 2015 – $26.99

Two California Sauvignon Blancs on this list, why not! Two totally different beasts from two totally different producers and both excellent. This Sauvignon Blanc is made by one of my favorite go-to biodynamic California producers when I need a well-crafted, crowd-pleasing wine if a bit of name recognition is required. This wine has incredible vibrancy while nodding to the Sauvignon Blancs of the Loire and Bordeaux with a slightly earthy and stony expression. Pair this with the picnic at your boss’s house. 


Teutonic Wine Company Pigs and Swords White Blend 2015 – $25.99

This is a blend of 60% Pinot Noir, 35% Muller Thurgau, and 5% Chsselas. At 11.45% ABV, it’s a really nice day drinking option. The Muller Thurgau and Pinot give this wine a pleasant floral component while the slight sweetness would please the dickens out of Auntie Mable and pair really well with spicy food. The Chasselas and natural winemaking would not clash in the least with skinny jeans. I’d recommend pairing this wine with a genuine appreciation for both honesty and irony.


Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around the shop soon,

D. Hultgren