Wine Sales Galore!

If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re surely aware that we’re in the middle of our Fall wine sale. 20% off two bottles or more and 25% 12 bottles or more is no joke. Just as there are wine sales for you, there are also wine sales for the retailers. We’re in the midst of one the busiest few weeks of the year as our distributors are opening their doors and popping corks for us.


Just like you, during these wine sales, we also have decisions to make. If we act now, we can save a few bucks over the holidays but the choices are daunting. We could easily taste through 500 different wines over the next few weeks and purchasing large quantities of wine at this time of year is nearly mandatory. We need to split our choices between new wines that are trying to carve out a niche in the global market such as Mexican or Croatian wines and those labels which have the become standard bearers in the shop. Granted, we do this all year but during September, the pace increases ten-fold. 


Just as this season marks a great opportunity for us to try new wines, it is also a great chance for you to do the same. If you wish to use this wine sale to minimize a bit of financial risk and try some new wines, than this is a golden opportunity for you to lean on us, pick our brains, and let us curate a selection for you that might be a bit out of your normal comfort zone. We’d love to put together a 6-pack of Pinot Noirs for you that would showoff a wide range of flavors this grape is capable of producing. Like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? Let us put together a 6-pack for you of Sauv Blancs from the Loire, Bordeaux, Sonoma, Chile, Alto Adige, and Austria. What are you serving at Thanksgiving? Do you have Champagne for New Year’s Eve? The opportunities are endless and our staff is super knowledgable, so come by and grab some vino. 


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around the shop soon!


D. Hultgren